Formative: Points of Interest from Sunday

  • More Christians disagree on how to interpret the book of Revelation than any other book of the Bible.
  • Your interpretation of Revelation will be determined to a large degree by your understanding of:
    • The relationship of Israel and the Church (Romans 9-11)
    • Daniel's prophetic writing (Daniel 7-9, 12)
    • The Millenium (Revelation 20)
    • The Biblical Story of Creation - Fall - Redemption - Restoration
  • "I've read the last chapter, God wins and so do his people"
  • Revelation 1:19 holds the key to understanding the whole book
  • We are just a dot on the toilet paper of eternity
  • All Church Assignment:
    • Read Revelation 2 and 3. Which of the seven churches best describes us? If Jesus were to speak to us, what would he commend? What would he tell us to repent of?


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