How Can Your Group Serve?

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How do you begin?

* As a small group, consider your “neighborhood.” That could be the place you physically live or the marketplace you are most connected to. Here are some questions to consider: Where do you live? Where do you work? Who is your neighbor? How has God uniquely designed your group to contribute to your neighborhood? What do you have to offer?
* Start small. Plan one project for the semester. Get it on the schedule and ask someone in the group to coordinate.
* Find out if you need any sort of special permission or permit from the community to do your project (check with a zone leader or staff member if you have questions or need help).
* Ask another small group to partner with you.
* Secure the necessary materials.
* Cast the vision to the group. Explain why you are serving and what the expectations are for each member.
* Be sure to take time to debrief after the project. Get everyone involved in talking about it. Celebrate what God did, discuss the personal inpact, and talk about the potential your investment can have.

Here are some easy ideas:

* Distribute free bottles of water or cups of hot cocoa
* Wash car windshields in a parking lot and leave a note behind
* Find ways to beautify the community (pick up trash)
* Go to a shopping mall and offer to return carts

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