Missional Ideas for Your Group

- Contact the Rescue Mission. Both their men's building and their women's building always needs help.

- Volunteer at International Aid.

- Call Hope's Outlet. They need help stocking merchandise, but they can also connect you with people needing to be discipled. They will be passing out free food over the holidays, you can contribute and/or help pass the food out.

- Big Brother/Big Sister.

- Connect with a public school teacher. They can give you plenty of ideas for helping students and showing Jesus' love to their class.

- Adopt a missionary. Our Missions Task Force can give you more info.

- Every member commit to sharing your faith at least once during the week. Pray for each other, hold each other accountable.

- Adopt an oppressed people group for prayer.

- Take on a compassion child.

- Make a financial contribution to a village in a developing country.

- Get Creative!



Missional Jerry said…
great ideas
Andrew said…
As the "Missional Director of a yet-to-be-named LIFEGroup," I appreciate this list.

P.S. I think I'll be writing in Rudd on Tuesday. I don't want to vote for Mr. Tax Fraud or Ms. Sunday School Teacher.