Interview with A Driver

Kirk Powell Co-Leads a LIFEGroup with Chad Latsch. Kirk agreed to answer a few questions in hopes it might benefit some other drivers.

How long has your group been meeting?

About 1 year

How did your group get its start?

Pastor Mike W. asked if we would be interested in "birthing" (industry buzz word) a small group. I know you don't like the phrase "splitting up".

What have you done to bring new people into your group?

Asked our friends/acquaintances we know that are not involved in a small groiup

What is your group doing to be "missional"?

We help at Hope's Outlet once a month.

How has working at Hope's Outlet impacted your group?

It has helped us see what others need, outside of ourselves. We also realize how much God has given us, and not to complain.

How could other groups get involved at Hope's Outlet?

Call Tim Tabor!!!. I know they will need help with distributing Food trucks before the year ends.

What is the best piece of advice you could give to other LIFEGroup leaders?

You must be intentional. If you want to be effective, you must make it a point to be intentional about whatever you are doing or want others to do.

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