Sunday Recap

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LIFEGroup Guide in .doc Format

LIFEGroup Questions from this Sunday's Bulletin:

1. The book of Revelation is all about revealing Jesus (1:1). What are some things we learn about Jesus from the seven seal judgment in Revelation 6?

2. Read Revelation 7:14-17. What do these verses suggest about what heaven will look like? What are you most looking forward to?

3. Read Revelation 8:3-5. What lessons about prayer do you learn from these verses? How would you like your prayer life to change having read these verses?

4. Read Revelation 9:20,21. Why do you think many people will refuse to repent in spite of the terrible judgments they are experiencing? What does this suggest about the urgency of sharing Jesus' story with people now?

5. What technological, political, and other 21st century factors might suggest that the events of Revelation 6-12 could be getting near?

6. The wrath of God is revealed in Revelation 6-12. How can a loving God allow or inflict such suffering on people?

7. What does Revelation 12 teach us about anti-Semitism?