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Learning from the Wesleys

John and Charles Wesley, founders of the Methodist Church movement, were really the first modern church leaders to "formalize" a small group meeting. The Wesley brothers insisted that every person who converted to Christianity through their ministry become involved in a small group for discipleship and accountability. Below is the link to a short article which explores the methodology and effectiveness of the Wesley's movement.

Enjoy the Article.

Final Revelation Study

Click the link below to get to the complete small group study guide for the recent sermon series on Revelation.

Study Guide Here

Focus on Formative

if you are interested in doing an exercise with your group to evaluate yourselves based on the fruit of the spirit, i've got a one group session entitled "Fueling up For 2007". This study guide is designed to help your group consider what issues to address in the coming year based on the specific growth needs in your group.

Click Here to Download.

LIFEGroup Summary Form

Notice the button to the right in the sidebar that says, "Summary Form". You can now complete your monthly summary form simply by clicking on that link!

You will still receive reminders via the US Postal Service. However, once you complete the on-line version you will begin receiving email reminders!

Thanks for your faithful service. It's exciting to hear how lifegroups are making a difference in so many lives. Keep it up!

The First Small Group Christmas Party

Carole Arnouts emailed this to me (thanks, Carole) and I thought you'd enjoy it as well.

You can receive these devotionals via email by visiting the Purpose Driven Web Site.

Small Group Fellowship
By John Fischer

It occurs to me that the first fellowship group around Christ is probably represented somewhere in your house right now. It has some common shepherds in peasant’s clothes, three princes in royal robes, a man and a woman holding a newborn baby, and a random assortment of farm animals seeking shelter in a run-down barn.

That these figures represent two different visits roughly two years apart in two different locations isn’t a concern for today’s reflections. Taken together, they constitute the first welcoming committee and, in a way, the first small group brought together by Jesus. They are the only people we know about, aside from Mary and Joseph, who had any clue what was going on with this miraculous birth. An angel had told the shepherds; the magi had deduced it from the st…