Holy Spirit Smoothies

Last night my group opened our new study of the book of Acts. Most of our discussion centered around the power of the Holy Spirit. It was a good discussion, with practical application to our lives. We closed, as usual with our prayer time and specifically prayed that the we would be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit's promptings in our lives. It was a good meeting.

What turned it into a GREAT MEETING was the magic bullet.

Yup. You've seen it on TV, now consider it one of the greatest "group builders" available. My wife brought some frozen fruit, a half-gallon of milk, some bananas, and whipped cream. We added ice and bingo HOLY SPIRIT SMOOTHIES.

Everyone was able to make their own however they wanted, and we were all able to sip them down throughout the meeting.

This is not a paid advertisement, but if you want a magic bullet, you can get it here.

Of course any old blender will accomplish the same thing, and really any dessert will liven up your meeting immensely!