LIFEGroup Blog: What’s in a Name?

Why LIFEGroups?

Have you ever had that moment when a familiar word takes on a new and exciting meaning? I said the words “I do” a lot of times before I actually said “I do.” Saying “I love you” takes on a new and exiting meaning when the woman you’re talking to isn’t your mother. And hearing the words “I’m pregnant” has a much different meaning when it’s coming from your wife.

Have you ever had that moment with the word “church”? Have you ever sat there in a service on Sunday morning and wondered “Is this what church really is?” Is church just coming together for an hour and a half Sunday morning to worship and hear a message? What about the relationships? What about the people sitting next to me? In a Sunday morning you’re connecting with God through worship and His Word. When do we connect with each other?

That’s why LIFEGroups. LIFEGroups help people connect at Calvary. When your experience at Calvary goes beyond Sunday mornings and into the lives of those around you, “church” takes on a new and exciting meaning. You begin to realize that “church” has the same life changing power as “I do” or “I love you”.

The Scriptures often talk about our lives as a journey we are taking. When we first come to Calvary we are like explorers. We check out Calvary. If we are new to Jesus we start the process of discovering our faith and getting answers to those questions we’ve been asking. But there comes a time when we need to make a commitment. We need to make a commitment to the Faith. And when we commit to the faith we commit to sharing our lives with the rest of our brothers and sisters in Christ and that’s what a LIFEGroup is. A LIFEGroup is a group of individuals who share their lives through formative, caring and missional relationships to the glory of God.

At Calvary there are four main ways to get connected to a LIFEGroup. First the explorer can attend Link-Up on Sunday mornings. Link-Up is a four week class that introduces explorers to the culture at Calvary and helps them understand Calvary’s core beliefs. At the end of the four weeks the class will help you connect with a LIFEGroup. The second way to get connected to a LIFEGroup is to join a friend’s LIFEGroup. Third you can launch a new group by attending Driver’s Training. And finally you can fill out a “Get Connected” form and we’ll help you find a group. You can find these forms at the Cove or at the Welcome Center.

The LIFEGroup is the next step in connecting people to God and to each other. Next week in the third installment of this five part series “Why LIFEGroups” we will see how LIFEGroups help people grow in their faith.