LIFEGroup Reflections

Dare to ask.

Have you ever had a question you were dying to ask during a sermon? Do you ever want raise your hand and get the preacher to clarify something? Do you ever wish you had a chance to give your opinion after the preacher gives his? Of course if we did that we would have an endless string of interruptions Sunday morning. We’d never get anywhere. We would never get that in-depth teaching we need.

This week in my LIFEGroup we looked at a hard subject. We’re taking the next few weeks to study on hell. Hell isn’t a very popular subject to talk about right now. Even many Christians are uncomfortable talking about hell. It’s a hard subject. It’s hard to imagine people we know and love who aren’t Christians placed in eternal torment.

As we discussed the justice of God in relationship to hell the discussion turned, as it often does, to those who lack the capacity to make a decision for Jesus Christ. As we went around the group we uncovered a few different view points. My view was in the minority but I was given a chance to speak it and try it out. I asked the others to clarify their views and they asked me to clarify mine. We wrestled with the issue together. The whole time I was treated with love and respect even though my view was a minority view.

What really struck me was that after the discussion there was no tension. In fact rather than dividing the group, the discussion brought us together. I learned I could trust the group with my thoughts. I learned I did not have to be afraid to ask tough questions. I learned that it was ok not to have all the answers.

I was so glad to have the conversation with my LIFEGroup. My LIFEGroup is a place where I can ask those questions I am dying to ask. My LIFEGroup is a place where I can ask for clarification, I can try out my views and ask other people theirs. I can explore my faith in a place that’s safe. I don’t have to worry about being wrong. I can grow because I’m with a group of people who are growing with me.