Where everybody knows your name

by: Steve Rodenburg

Doesn't it feel good when someone remembers your name? When I worked in customer service our company had us take a whole class with the single focus of how to remember names. Knowing someones name creates an instant connection and rapport with the person. Remembering and using a persons name shows were interested in the other person. It shows we’ve paid attention to them and that we care about who they are. It shows we’re putting the focus on them and not on ourselves.

Think about the places where everybody knows your name. The list is probably short. My family knows my name, the people I work with know my name, and the people in my LIFEGroup know my name. The places where everybody knows us are the places where we spend our time, the places where we invest ourselves, the places where people care about us.

Among those places where everybody knows your name, the LIFEGroup is unique. At work youre there because you have a job to do. You may like your coworkers but theyre not the reason you go to work everyday. You love your family but as my dad says, you can pick your nose but you cant pick your family. A LIFEGroup is different. A LIFEGroup is a group of people who share their lives together because they recognize the value of building relationships that bring them closer to God and closer to each other. The people in my LIFEGroup do not come because they have to. They come because they choose to. They come because they care.

I look forward to that special moment Sunday evenings when our LIFEGroup meets. Im glad I have a group of people that care about me. I’m glad I have a group of people to care about. I’m glad I have place I can go where everybody knows my name.