LIFEGroup Reflections

Thanks for Asking

My wife has not been feeling well lately. She is pregnant and it turns out that morning sickness is not just for mornings anymore. She has morning sickness, mid morning sickness, early afternoon sickness, late afternoon sickness, early evening sickness, late evening sickness and every sickness in between. On top of that about two weeks ago she got that nasty flu that has been going around. It has been a long first trimester.

Do you ever wonder if people miss you when you are gone? I don’t know if people miss me when I am gone but I do know our LIFEGroup misses my wife when she is gone. She has had to miss a couple weeks because of being sick. We have our LIFEGroup on Sunday night. Sunday morning before and after the service people from my LIFEGroup were finding me and asking me how my wife is doing. People told me they would be praying for her. Then Sunday night at our LIFEGroup everyone again asked me how she was doing and we did pray for her.

When I got home I told my wife that people are asking about how she was doing and people are praying for her. Then I saw her do something she had not done in days. She smiled. She asked me who was asking about her. I gave her the long list of names including everyone in our LIFEGroup. She smiled even brighter.

It means a lot to have this love and support. I don’t have any family in Muskegon and my wife’s family lives out west. I am very glad we have a LIFEGroup to be with us during this time in our life. At times like this it is great to know that we are not alone. It is great to know that when we need a little care, we have Christian brothers and sisters who will be asking about us and helping us out.