LIFEGroup Reflections

Who is in your LIFEGroup?

Have you ever taken a personality test? There all sorts of different types. There is even a Muppet personality test that will tell you which character from the Muppets you are most like.

I took the test and it turns out I am a Gonzo. I was hoping for Kermit or Fozzie but at least I was not a Miss Piggy. I always cringe when I hear someone start a comparison with the phrase “there are two types of people in this world.” That is not true. Just look at the Muppets. Would the Muppet show work if there only two types of Muppets? What if it were just Kermit and Miss Piggy on the stage? Wouldn’t we miss the Skeeters, Fozzies, Beakers and yes, even the Gonzos?

In the wonder of God’s creation He has made each one of us different. What is just as amazing is how these unique creations fit together. We are made to be different and we are made to work together. God’s desire is that we use our differences to strengthen each other and build each other up. God wants us to work together with such unity in our diversity that we act as one person, that we act as the body of Christ.

Sure difference can breed tension. The Miss Piggys of the world don’t always have the best relationships with the Gonzo’s of the world. But when they do work together they can pull off something amazing like the Muppet Show. LIFEGroups are that place where our diversity can come together in unity and differences can become strengths.

In my LIFEGroup we definitely have a Kermit, a Fozzie, a Dr. Honey Dew and a Gonzo. We have someone who leads, someone who makes us laugh, someone who makes us think and someone who is just plain weird. And when we come together something special happens. The leader helps bind our strengths together. The thinker helps the laugher think. The laugher helps the thinker laugh. The weird person finds a place where he does not feel to so out of place. We share our gifts and we experience being a part of the body of Christ in a way we just can not do on our own.

I am glad there are a great variety of types of people. But as I end this reflection I would be remiss if I did not share my favorite joke about two different types of people. It goes “There 10 types of people in this world, those that understand binary and those that do not.” I guess I really am a Gonzo.