What's in a Name?

Why LIFEGroups?

So why LIFEGroups? This is week three of five looking at this question. Last week we talked about how LIFEGroups help people connect at Calvary. But LIFEGroups are not just a tool for social connection. LIFEGroups help Calvary achieve its broader purpose of connecting people to God and to each other. We also want LIFEGroups to connect people to God. This week we will look at how LIFEGroups help people grow in faith.

The definition of a LIFEGroup is a group of individuals who share their lives through formative, caring and missional relationships to the glory of God. Lets take a moment and look at the formative relationship. When formative relationships are happening people in a LIFEGroup every member of the group is being formed into the image of Christ. We want everyone in the LIFEGroup to be constantly growing in the faith. We want everyone in the group to be more like Jesus every day.

And how is this accomplished? I am glad you asked. Let me ask you a question. How can we connect with God if we do not know his story? How can we grow to be more like Him if we don’t know who He is and what He does? That is why bible study is such an important part of what a LIFEGroup does.

Bible studies can take many different forms. The group can look at a book of the bible, Christian doctrines or certain topics. The point is to get into the word of God discover how it is that God wants us to live our lives. God has taken the time to give instructions for life and we need to learn those instructions so we can follow them.

Next comes the good part, the place where knowledge about the faith turns into growth in the faith. In your LIFEGroup you have a place where you can both learn about your faith and practice your faith. In your group you can practice those commands like “love one another, pray for one another, and confess your sins to one another.”. A LIFEGroup is place to learn, question and explore. The best place to do this is with a group of people who learning, questioning and exploring with you. A LIFEGroup is a place to grow in your faith. That’s why LIFEGroups.