What's in a Name?

The Five Points of Connection

Welcome to Calvary. How did you find us? Perhaps a better question is why are you here? Are you looking for answers to Life’s hardest questions? Do you want to know who God is? Do you want to find the truth about who Jesus is? Are you hurting? Do you want to be forgiven? Do you want to be loved?

Everyone comes to Calvary at a different place in their spiritual journey. When people come they may be exploring the Christian faith for the first time. They may be new believers looking for their first church. They may be faithful Christians who have moved into the area and are looking for a church to call home. In this series I want to talk about the five points of connection people will encounter as they progress in their spiritual journey at Calvary.

This first point of connection is Explore. The Bible often talks about our relationship with God as a walk or a journey. When someone first comes to Calvary it is often as an explorer. An explorer comes to a new place to make discoveries. In the explorer phase the person is checking out Calvary. The person comes to the Celebration Gathering Sunday mornings. The person participates in the worship and listens to the sermon.

The explorer encounters Jesus and gets answers to the questions that need to be answered. The explorer begins to discover his or her faith. The explorer begins to understand the work that Jesus did. At the same time the explorer has contact with the people in the church.

As explorers come to understand the faith they’ll understand that being a Christian isn’t something that one does alone. They’ll learn that true Christianity takes community. They’ll learn that church is more than just the Celebration Gathering Sunday morning. There will come a point as they grow that they will look for the next step, that next connection point, on their spiritual journey. That’s when they will move from exploring to launching and we’ll talk about that next week.