Bible Study in Community

jon sampson trains small group leaders. recently he posted about their church's new method, and why he enjoys Bible study in community. his thoughts really resonate with me because they are my experience.

read the article here.

jon writes:
Here's one observation from today's training. Our time is always more engaging and interesting when everyone gets the opportunity to participate. People learn more when I ask a question than they ever do when I pontificate on a point. Listening to a lecture (or even an excellent presentation filled with examples and stories) is just about absorbing something. When people answer questions, they're forced to process and create. The group comes to life.
i think the one of the nice parts of Bible Study in community is that you aren't bound by a schedule. If you decide as a group that you need to come back to a passage because you aren't done with, you can do that. In one-way communication or with large groups, that isn't possible. My group is working through a 12 chapter study of Acts. Right now, we're on chapter five, but we've been at it for nine weeks... we soak it in, and then come back for more if we need to.