What's in a name?

Step 2: Launch

Have you ever been lost? I get lost all the time. I have a horrible sense of direction. I get disorientated very easily. It drives my wife crazy. I make wrong turns on the way to places I go almost every day. When we go some place new I always have a map. I can’t get anywhere with out a map.

If you wanted to know how to grow at Calvary would you know where to go? If you wanted direction on your spiritual journey, would you know who to ask? Do you have a map? At Calvary we have five points of connection that help serve as a map on our spiritual journey at this church.

The first connection point is the explorer. When you start your journey at Calvary you’re playing the role of an explorer. The explorer is the person checking out Calvary. The explorer is discovering the Faith and getting answers to those life questions everyone is asking. But where do you when you’re done exploring? Where do you go when you’ve got the lay of the land? Where do you go when you want to move forward and grow?

When you’re done exploring, it’s time to launch your spiritual journey at Calvary. Launch is the second connection point. The best way to launch your journey at Calvary is to attend Link-Up. Link-Up is a four week class which meets every Sunday morning. Every class is a “stand-a-lone” session, so you can begin anytime. Link-Up will introduce you to the culture at Calvary, help you understand Calvary’s core beliefs and assist you in connecting to a LIFEGroup after four weeks.

If Link-Up sounds important, that’s because it is. When you start a long journey you have some important decisions to make. You have to decide what you need take with you and what you have to leave behind. You have to understand where you’re going. You have to know who you’ll be traveling with. Link-Up outfits you with the tools you need to launch your journey of faith at Calvary. You’ll learn the basics of Christianity. You’ll learn what Calvary is and why Calvary does what it does. And you’ll partner with other people you can journey with in a LIFEGroup.

So what comes next? You’ve explored Calvary. You’ve launched your journey at Calvary by getting outfitted through Link-Up. You’re ready to go. Tune in next week as we launch into the third connection point in your spiritual journey at Calvary.