What's in a Name

Connection Point 5: Engage

Have you ever found something that you had to share? I remember when I first found G&L chili dogs. I was helping a friend put on a roof in Muskegon. It was late afternoon and we were getting really hungry. My friend’s girlfriend went out and got us food. She came back with the classic Greek chili dog special. Now I’m not much of a hot dog eater so I was a little skeptical. But when I took that first bite! Wow! I was an instant convert.

When I got back to Grand Rapids I told everyone about the wonders of the Greek chili dog special. My dad loves a good hot dog so one Saturday afternoon we took the drive out to Muskegon just for G&L. When I moved to Muskegon I was very excited to finally be ever near a G&L. Whenever I have friends or family in from out of town I always make sure I bring them to G&L.

Where are you in your spiritual journey at Calvary? Have you been the explorer? Have you attended Link-Up? Have you partnered and served with your LIFEGroup? If you’ve done all that then its time to come full circle with the fifth connection point: Engage.

When you engage you work to impact your world. You share your faith. You invite others to share your journey. At Calvary you’ve found something much better than chili dogs. Calvary is a place that connects people to God and to each other. We’ve got phenomenal Sunday morning services where we can celebrate God with each other. We’ve got excellent child and teen ministries. Our LIFEGroup program connects us together so we can experience true Christian community to the glory of God. At Calvary lives are being changed by God’s grace. Who wouldn’t want to share that?

Sharing your spiritual journey with others can be difficult. You’ve experienced a different culture. God has changed you and you’ve become a different person. It can be hard to relate these things to someone who has never experienced it. Still I think one of the most exciting things about exploring is going back and sharing the wonders of what you’ve found.

When was the last time you invited someone to Calvary? When was the last time you guided an explorer to a Sunday morning service or a LIFEGroup meeting? When was the last time you engaged someone who needed a little help in their spiritual journey? Everyone is searching. Everyone is looking for God. For those that have found Him its time to engage those who haven’t and help show them the way.