From Discipleship Journal
by Dianne Bundt

It can be difficult to concentrate on Bible-study or small-group discussion when your mind is still occupied with the worries of the day. To help members of our small group shift attention from personal concerns to Bible study, we created a worry jar. At the start of each meeting, we pass around slips of paper. On them, we write down whatever is on our minds. Then we fold the slips and place them in a large jar. Tangibly releasing our worries in this way reminds us that we can give our cares to God. It enables us to acknowledge and set aside potential distractions so we can focus on the study. Because we don't share our worries aloud, group members feel free to write even the most personal concerns.

Although our group leaves the slips of paper in the jar and adds to them each week (we plan to burn them at the end of our study), you might wish to discard them after each meeting.