from Discipleship Journal
by: Eileen Rife

I recently encountered a crisis that left me too depleted emotionally and physically to attend small group. In my absence, group members encouraged me through personal prayer letters. If someone in your group is going through a difficult time, why not do the same?

During a group meeting, members wrote prayers for me on sheets of stationary. Many of their prayers were from Scripture. For instance, one woman shared a passage that had comforted her during a low time. Another wrote a prayer of faith thanking Jesus for sustaining me and the "prayed" verses relating to perseverance.

The women delivered the prayer letters in person - an added touch that make me feel special. (If you're unable to deliver the letters as a group, mail them or select one or more members to hand deliver them)

Reading the prayer boosted my spirits. And because they were in writing, I could save them to reflect on later. I still put them out occasionally and read the uplifting prayers offered for me during a difficult time.