Eleven Reasons Groups Fail

An article by Dennis McCallum points out eleven reasons "home groups" fail. We use the term LIFEGroups, but these eleven "reasons" provide interesting food for thought. We'll talk a little about them this Sunday at our Driver's Summit. Read the whole article by clicking here. Read the main points below:

1. They are often not based on New Testament theory

2. The wrong criteria are sometimes followed for the selection of leaders

3. Frequently, insufficient authority is given to the leaders

4. The groups may have an unhealthy inward-focus

5. There is often no provision for church discipline within the small group

6. All groups may be the same, rather than diversified and matched to their members

7. There may be no adequate equipping offered to would-be leaders

8. The church may set no multiplication goals, and may have no good plan for multiplying home groups

9. Small groups are sometimes viewed as peripheral rather than central to the life of the church

10. They are sometimes viewed as a threat by the pastor(s) of the church.

11. Home groups are often introduced in a programmatic, not a natural way.