LIFEGroup Reflections

The Ultimate Walk of Shame

Have you ever had to take the walk of shame? gives this definition of the walk of shame: When a player retrieves a minigolf ball that they have hit out of bounds and replaces it on the run to retake their shot. And if the walk of shame isn't bad enough there is the ultimate walk of shame. The ultimate walk of shame is when a player hits a minigolf ball into a pond and is forced to walk back to the beginning and ask for a new ball.

Our LIFEGroup played minigolf and one of our members was forced to take the ultimate walk of shame. The ball was hit too hard. It took a bad bounce. It leaped off the course and into the murky water surrounding the Craig's Cruisers minigolf island. I watched the poor man's expression change from joy to sorrow as he realized the journey he must now take. Now as you know, minigolf is the sport of gentleman. And as a LIFEGroup it is our duty to care for our brother as he undertakes the ultimate walk of shame. Everyone knew what had to happen next. We had to point and laugh. And laugh we did.

“Take the walk,” we said “Take the walk of shame!” And we laughed and we laughed and we laughed. And when he returned with his new ball and that sheepish look on his face, we laughed some more. That's what you get for smacking a minigolf ball like you're teeing off on a par 5 at Augusta!

I'd like to say that we learned something important from that incident but we didn't. We just had fun. Sure it was fun at someone else's expense, but it was fun nonetheless and it was all in good fun. I think that the best part of the day was just that, having fun. It was so good to have a time of enjoying the company of my brothers and sisters in Christ. I think that Christians are fun to be around. We share a bond that make our friendships unique. Playing around in a LIFEGroup gives us a chance to really enjoy that bond, even if one has to take the ultimate walk of shame.