Summer Is Coming!

As summer approaches, you may have already started making plans for your group's activities while school is out. Many groups choose to stop meeting for the summer and then relaunch in the fall. Some choose to meet less frequently, and others make no changes during the summer.

As we approach this natural break time, here are some things to be thinking about and/or discussing with your group:
  • What can we do to be "missional" this summer? Calvary's 100+ campaign will provide a great opportunity for groups to actively minister in ways that show Christ's love to our neighbors. Your group should set up at least one or two times to serve together.
  • Who can we add to our group this summer? If you use summer as a time to have informal get-togethers, you have a great opportunity to introduce new people into your group. Begin building relationships in these less threatening environments, so that when things get more formalized in the fall, you will have less "work" to do in building community.
  • What will we do in the fall? Now is a good time to start thinking about your formative activities because if you can make a decision now, you have all summer to locate the best possible materials.
  • Should we consider multiplying? If your group is consistently growing, it may be time to launch a "cousin" group. Find someone in your group who should be leading and use the summer to make plans to re-launch two groups instead of one. (you might be able to creatively find ways to link the groups, so it doesn't feel like a "split")
Don't miss the Summer Summit on June 3, we'll be talking more about some of these issues!