LIFEGroup Reflections

I did something stupid. I popped a pimple. The blemish appeared over night. It was one of the swollen painful kind that hurts because of the pressure built up. It came over night and when I looked in the mirror I saw a giant red zit on top of my nose, right between my eyes brows. I had to pop it. It hurt so bad I had to relieve the pressure. So I popped it. Then I picked at it.

Then I realized I better clean the area so I put strange cleansing agent on it that I found in the medicine cabinet. At first it tingles. Then it burned. I figured the burning meant it was working. The next morning I woke up and looked in the mirror and saw that the giant red pimple was gone. What I saw in stead was an even bigger spot that was bright red with a couple of layers of skin missing. I quickly picked up the cleansing agent to see what it was. In big letters on the back was this warning: “Do not apply to broken or irritated skin.”


Even worse than the pain of giving myself second chemical burns from a soap, was the embarrassment of having to explain to everyone why I had a huge red spot in the middle of my forehead. I was going to put on a band-aid but I thought that might draw undue attention to myself. When I went to work I hoped that everyone would be mature and let me have my peace. Instead everyone stared at me and asked me “What happened!?” with an astonished tone, as if I had no idea that I had a sore the size of Texas on my face. By the end of the day I was avoiding people because I dreaded telling the story.

When I got to my LIFEGroup all I wanted was for no one to notice. I saw a few eyes notice the hole in my head but no one said anything. We carried on as if there was nothing out of the ordinary at all. It was just what I needed. Pretty soon we got laughing about something. To keep the laughter going, I told my story about how I mad a bad situation worse. We all laughed. I felt good. I had to tell the story many more times through out the week but it was nice it felt good to be with people where I could tell my story my way. It was a little thing but it meant a lot. It's hard to find that place where people know you enough to know when to leave you loan and when to pry. Its a comforting place to be.