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Piece of Quiet

*adapted from Discipleship Journal (by Amy Lanham)

When I recently helped lead a Bible study, I included a five-minute reflection time at the end of our meetings before we prayed. This helped the women in our group focus on what they wanted to take from the study each week.

To guide their time, I gave members reflection sheets I had created using the content of our study. Here are some ideas of things you might include on a reflection sheet. Choose one per week:
A verse from the lesson to meditate onA reflection question about the chapterA paragraph from the study to reread and think aboutA guided prayer based on the week's lessonA short letter from "God" based on truths from the study. Here is an example of one I wrote to encourage the women in our group.Dear Daughter,
Do you know how much I love you? Stop making this spiritual path you are travelling into a toll road! You don't owe me anything. Grace is my gift to you (Eph.2:8). I sacrificed My Son so you wouldn…

Plan Your LIFEGroup's Fall Quest

Quest: a search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something.

Calvary consists of many communities of people, some who meet formally and some who meet informally. We are inviting every "community" within Calvary to consider the time from September 9 - December 16 a "Quest for Biblical Community".

Any group desiring to be an "official LIFEGroup" during this quest can register by following the directions below.

Prior to September 9, a "Quest Guide" will be made available to anyone searching for a LIFEGroup. The Quest Guide will provide clear instructions for finding a group as well as a listing of all open groups.
Q&A Regarding LIFEGroup Registration

Why have groups register?
* To provide a listing for people seeking to get connected
* To enable us to better equip leaders
* To provide a better method for collecting information from group
* T…

Asking Good Questions: Part One

The following is excerpted from an article in the July/August issue of Discipleship Journal.

The first mistake we often make when leading discussions is asking closed questions. A closed question is one with an obvious, usually one-word answer. For example, during a discussion about John 4--the woman-at-the-well story--you might ask the closed question, "To whom is Jesus talking?"

This kind of question is almost always met with silence. Although everyone knows the answer, no one offers it. Why? Because people feel silly answering questions to which everyone knows the correct response. They might also think responding to the question is a waste of time because arriving at the answer doesn't require discussion.

If a question has only one obvious answer, rephrase it to enable multiple responses. Instead of asking, "To whom is Jesus talking?" you might ask, "Is it significant that Jesus is talking to a Samaritan woman? Why or why not?" This questio…

Take a Hike!

You can participate in a PRAYER WALK with believers from several Muskegon area churches on Saturday, July 21 at 9am. The walk will begin at the corner of Marquette and Wood and finish on the shores of Mona Lake (although the walk is 5 miles, you will have opportunities to ride part of it if you need to).

Once the prayer walkers arrive at Mona Lake Park, a short communion service will be held before a picnic lunch is served.

This is a fantastic chance to meet other believers as well as to pray for a part of our city that is extremely broken.

If you would like more information, call Johnnie and Trisharla Brown at 231-777-222.

A shuttle will leave from Mona Lake Park (near Mickey's restaurant) at 8:30am if you would like to leave your car there. Security will be provided.

Missional Opportunity

A local clinic for AIDS patients has several needs that could be met by a LIFEGroup. This might be a great opportunity for a LIFEGroup to adapt the clinic as their missional activity.

The needs are somewhat sporadic, but currently, the following opportunities exist:

1. Household items-soap/shampoo etc.

2. Transportation to and from counseling sessions (she stated this was a big need because of the cost of the transportation for those without a vehicle) and

3. She has a client that will be needing a wheel chair ramp in the near future.

If you need more information, you can contact Pastor David or Kirk Powell.