Piece of Quiet

*adapted from Discipleship Journal (by Amy Lanham)

When I recently helped lead a Bible study, I included a five-minute reflection time at the end of our meetings before we prayed. This helped the women in our group focus on what they wanted to take from the study each week.

To guide their time, I gave members reflection sheets I had created using the content of our study. Here are some ideas of things you might include on a reflection sheet. Choose one per week:
  • A verse from the lesson to meditate on
  • A reflection question about the chapter
  • A paragraph from the study to reread and think about
  • A guided prayer based on the week's lesson
  • A short letter from "God" based on truths from the study. Here is an example of one I wrote to encourage the women in our group.
Dear Daughter,
Do you know how much I love you? Stop making this spiritual path you are travelling into a toll road! You don't owe me anything. Grace is my gift to you (Eph.2:8). I sacrificed My Son so you wouldn't have to work so hard anymore (Ro.5:17; Eph.2:4-5). You don't need to earn My love, just show Me your gratitude through what you do -- not because you have to, but because you want to. You have been set free (2 Cor.3:17).

Your Loving Father
Reflection sheets could include a brief how-to paragraph for the activity. I also provided lines so people could journal their thoughts. As the women reflected, i played quiet instrumental music in the background to help relieve the awkwardness that can come from silence.