Plan Your LIFEGroup's Fall Quest

Quest: a search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something.

Calvary consists of many communities of people, some who meet formally and some who meet informally. We are inviting every "community" within Calvary to consider the time from September 9 - December 16 a "Quest for Biblical Community".

Any group desiring to be an "official LIFEGroup" during this quest can register by following the directions below.

Prior to September 9, a "Quest Guide" will be made available to anyone searching for a LIFEGroup. The Quest Guide will provide clear instructions for finding a group as well as a listing of all open groups.
Q&A Regarding LIFEGroup Registration

Why have groups register?
* To provide a listing for people seeking to get connected
* To enable us to better equip leaders
* To provide a better method for collecting information from group
* To regularly track which groups need to use Calvary’s facilities.
* To encourage LIFEGroup drivers to participate in training sessions and summmits
* To increase accountability regarding teaching of drivers
Who can register?
* Any “community” of people at Calvary who meet regularly for the purpose of developing formative, caring, and missional relationships may register.
* All registered communities must be driven by an approved driver
Who qualifies as an approved driver?
* An approved driver is a member in good standing of Calvary Church
* An approved driver has attended at least two of the previous four LIFEGroup Summits
* An approved driver has interviewed with the Pastor of Spiritual Formation to assess doctrinal compatibility with Calvary.
Why should my group register?
* If you are open to new members, your group will be publicized as an “open group”.
* Registered groups will receive priority to use church facilities for meetings.
* Registered groups can receive reimbursement for childcare expenses.

How do I register my group?
Complete a registration form. They are available by clicking here, or in The Cove and at the Information Racks in the Church Foyer.

Forms will also be sent out via e-mail and postal service