The Deadline Approaches!

Remember, this Sunday is the last chance to register your LIFEGroup for this fall's quest!
Also, remember that beginning September 9, all our Discipleship Communities will be called LIFEGroups. (DC leaders, don't forget to register!)

Just to remind you what registration is and isn't.

  • A way for the church to get more control of your group. We've already got our hands full!
  • A way for us to force you to do what we want. If you're sharing your life with a group of believers, we're excited about that!
  • Just another thing we're doing. I (david) am committed to this for the long haul.
  • Difficult. Just click here.
It IS:
  • A way for us to communicate better with you. If we know who is meeting and what you are doing, we can get info to you easier.
  • A way for us to help people find groups. Knowing what groups are meeting, and what they're doing enables us to help others get connected.
  • A convenient way for your group to have "starting" and "stopping" points. Use these to set and celebrate personal and group goals.
  • An effective way for us to manage the resources of the church. Rooms in the building and reimbursed child-care are for our registered groups.
  • Easy. Just click here.
Got questions? It's never too late to ask! You can even call my cell (231.557.5662)