Setting Goals for the Quest

Sometime this weekend, our family will head out to do some school shopping. We'll get pencils, notebooks, lunch-boxes, some new clothes, and who knows what else. All this effort is necessary to make sure Emma and Liam get off to the best start possible.

Every September brings a time of fresh-starts. Children start a new grade (some start a new school). Families start a new schedule. Sports clubs begin their fall season. Churches often kick off new programs in the fall. Here at Calvary, things start getting back in gear in September, and by October, we're rolling along at full speed.

This September, we're starting our first "Quest". Although the official starting date will be September 9, your group may start earlier or later than that. Whenever you start, don't miss out on this unique opportunity for a "FRESH START". You can use the concept of a quest, along with the start of the new school year to try some new things or restart some old things with your group.

One of the best things a group can do is set goals. An effective quest setting, working toward, accomplishing, and celebrating goals. In the coming weeks, you'll hear more about how to set goals as a group. For now, be thinking about what goals you might want to share with your group.

Quest Registration closes August 26. You can register online by clicking here, or you can pick up a paper form at the church info center.