Fall Quest

Click here to see the New LIFEGroup Guide

This Sunday is the official kick-off of our FALL QUEST. Our new LIFEGroup guide will be available at church to anyone looking for more information about LIFEGroups or anyone seeking to get involved in a LIFEGroup. Thank you to all of you who helped me get the information as accurate as possible.

Also this Sunday, immediately after the second service, will be the first of three LIFEGroup Summits offered during this fall quest. Remember, we are asking all of our LIFEGroup drivers to participate in at least on of the three summits. Of course, you are welcome to be a part of all of them.

This Sunday I will talk very briefly about "Quest Discipleship", but the majority of our time will be spent discussing the 30/90 Bible Study. We'll talk about how to glean 90% of a passage's meaning in the first 30 minutes you study it. I think this will be a very beneficial time for all our drivers. I hope you'll be there. As always, food will be provided.

Don't forget, one of the main reasons we're implementing the "Quest" is to give your group a jumping off point and a target date. Use these to set and celebrate goals together with your group!