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Growing Together

I got an email from one of our LIFEGroup leaders this week. They are using the questions that build on the sermons in the promise series. As a group, they identified some ways to measure their spiritual growth. This is a great idea, you can check out their finished product at the link below.

He wrote:
This is something our life group came up with after meeting Sunday night and going through the Discussion Questions.
We hope to use this to sharpen each other and offer some accountability to each other. It also allows for privacy for those who may not want to share openly.


LIFEGroup Weekly

Read the Exciting New LIFEGroup Newsletter by clicking on the image below:

The Promise (week six)

Week Six: God's Family Became a Nation
As a group, read through the ten commandments. (Exodus 20:1-17)The first four commandments focus on our relationship with God. Of these four, which is the most difficult to keep? Why?How do you think the fourth command (vs.8-11) should be observed? Maybe you don't, talk about why.How is the fifth command (vs.12) similar and different from Ephesians 6:1-3? According to Ephesians 6:4, what role do parents have in the fifth command? How have you seen these instructions violated?The final five commands focus on our relationship with our neighbor. Of these five, which is the most difficult to keep? Why?Read Matthew 5:21-22, 27-28, 33-37, 38-40. How do Jesus' words change the way you think about the commandments? Are Jesus' commands easier or harder to fulfill than Moses'? Why?The final five commands seem to be focused on eliminating a self-centered attitude. How has focusing on your own desires, needs, and priorities caus…


As a LIFEGroup driver it seems like most of the time we have more questions than answers. Questions like, what do we do about childcare? How do we find missional activities to participate in? What do I do if a person in my group has a serious problem that we can’t handle? How do we find good material to study? What is LIFEGroup registration all about? What do I do about the loudmouth who is dominating the group? We’re putting together a resource to help answer some of those questions. You can help by sharing the questions and concerns you’ve had as a LIFEGroup driver. Just email me with any and all questions you’ve had related to LIFEGroups. The more questions and concerns you share, the better the resource will be.

Thanks for your help


The Promise (week five)

Week Five: God Started Again with a FamilyIf you could move to anywhere in the world for the next ten years, where would you most want to live? Where would you least want to live? Why?What would be the most difficult part of moving away?Read Genesis 12:1-8. Why do you think the Bible says that Abram left his "country", his "people", and his "father's household"? What do you think is the significance of each of those things?How do you think Abraham's wife felt about moving away without knowing where they were moving to?Read through the promises God made to Abram in verses 2-3. Do you think it took more faith to move away from home or to believe those promises? Are the two related?Read verse 7. Why do you think Abram chose to build an alter then and there?Notice the similarities between Genesis 12:8 Genesis 4:26. When are some times you have felt like "calling on the name of the LORD?" Why?Read Hebrews 11:8-12. What is most impres…

Why Should People Join Your Group?

AWANA starts this Wednesday, meaning fall programs are now up and running at full tilt. Hopefully, you're using this opportunity to invite people into your group to share life with you. As you invite people, here are six questions to ask to help you communicate to them what your group is all about:
Who's your audience? (what stage of life are most group members)What do you want them to do? (what are the expectations of group members?)Why should they join your group? (help them know what your group IS and IS NOT)Where and how should you promote your group? (what kind of people should you invite?)What am I praying for? (are you praying for future group members?)*these questions are adapted from Group Publishing's Small Group Ministry in the 21st Century.