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LIFEGroup Survey!

Paper Copy of the Survey Here

This is pretty exciting! For the first time every we are going to try to survey every member of every LIFEGroup at Calvary. Obviously, for us to get full participation, we'll need your help, so below I've explained how we are going to get this survey out to all our people.

Steve and I have been working on this survey for several weeks. Our goal was to create questions that would help us determine how our well our groups are functioning in the three key areas of formation, caring, and being missional. This survey will help us get a BIG PICTURE of our groups as a whole, however, it won't really tell us anything about specific groups because it is an anonymous survey.

I hope that this survey will give us some good ideas for areas we need to develop and build on in 2008. We'll be sharing the results of the survey with all LIFEGroup drivers in January at our LIFEGroup Open Forums, and you'll have an opportunity to help us interpret the results.

We want every member of our groups to do this survey, so we've made it available two different ways.
1. Anyone can go on-line and take the survey at the link below:

2. We can provide you with as many paper copies of the survey as you need.
Once people have completed the on-line survey, it will come directly to us. We'll need you to get the paper surveys back to us.

- Encourage everyone in your group to take the survey. If you meet in a home, maybe even set up your computer and let group members take turns while you meet. If you need paper copies, let me know how many you need and I'll get them to you. (or you can print the form as many times as you want)
- Remind your group members that we need them to be as honest as possible. No matter what they say, this survey will not reflect negatively on your group, it is designed to help us identify trends, strengths, and weaknesses across the whole ministry.
- Continue reminding your group throughout the month!

Thanks for your help with this! If you have any questions, please give me a call or send an email!


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