A Dashboard for Formative, Caring, and Missional LIFEGroups

We use dashboards to "measure". We check our speed, our oil, our fuel, our RPMs and more with the dashboard. Below are a couple of "measurements" you can use to evaluate your LIFEGroup. Glancing at the dashboard every so often is a great way to keep your group from "breaking down".

In a formative LIFEGroup, members:
  • are opening themselves to the work of the Holy Spirit, and thereby exhibiting increasing evidence of the fruit of the Spirit.
In a caring LIFEGroup, members:
  • have their physical, spiritual, emotional, and spiritual needs met by those with whom they are sharing their life.
  • are using their gifts and abilities to care for one another and contribute to the body of Calvary and the Kingdom of God
In a missional LIFEGroup, members:
  • work together to relieve the suffering of those they know and those around them
  • encourage one another to regularly share their faith and invite others into relationship with God