LIFEGroup Driver Expectations

This document is the fruit of our first two open forums. While it is not a finished product, it is a reflection of what we will likely be asking of all LIFEGroup drivers in the coming years. Check it out, give some feedback!
Calvary Church desires to be a church of communities connecting to God and others. Our primary method for achieving this goal is by growing formative, caring, and missional communities. While these communities may take many different shapes, we refer to them all by one name, LIFEGroups. The men and women who guide these communities are LIFEGroup Drivers.

1) Participate as a partner in the LIFEGroup Driver Community
  • Attend Training Summits (two per year, offered at three different times)
  • Meet with a LIFE Support team (four times per year, assigned according to schedule)
  • Pursue growth through the provided resources
    • On-Line Forum
    • The Cove
    • Why Small Groups
2) Participate as a leader in your LIFEGroup
*It should be noted that a LIFEGroup Driver does not need to DO all the items required for group leadership. Rather, the driver should ensure that everything necessary is accomplished. This can and should be done by recruiting and equipping the group members to handle roles which correspond to their individual giftedness.
  • When Gathered...Direct the Group
    • This MIGHT include leading discussions, guiding prayer time, reminding the group of its purpose, talking about missional projects, encouraging evangelism, keeping track of needs, and other things.
    • This SHOULD include ensuring the group maintains a formative, caring, and missional balance.
    • A typical group meeting might consist of:
      • Relational Time
      • Biblical Discussion with Specific Application
      • A Time of Prayer and Encouragement
      • An "Action Time" during which the group updates its caretaking for each other and its missional activities in the world.
  • When Scattered...Develop the Group
    • This MIGHT include meeting group members needs, cultivating relationships, mentoring a future leader, recruiting new members, administrating group activities, contacting absent members and other things.
    • This SHOULD include taking appropriate action to assist the group's formative, caring, and missional GROWTH.