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Using Questions to Deepen Relationships

The most recent edition of Discipleship Journal includes an article by Lori Roeleveld which suggests three ways questions can "unlock relationships". For those desiring to build stronger relationships in their groups, here's a quick summary:

Questions can be a doorway to healing.
When people come to us for help or advice, we can be so ready to expound our knowledge that we forget to wonder why they are asking... Our well-intentioned answers may not reach people's hearts because they aren't really looking for words or opinions -- they are looking for something deeper. Asking clarifying questions can open doors we didn't even know were there and give us insight into how to frame our responses.

Questions can be confrontation calmers.
People confront us for any number of reasons. They may have legitimate complaints against us or be honestly seeking answers about biblical issues. Or they may be channeling the anger they feel toward God or others in the wrong direct…

A Bridge Over Troubled Water...

Are you weary, feeling small?
When tears are in your eyes, who will dry them all?
When times get rough and friends just cant be found,
who will be on your side?
When you're down and out,
when you're on the street,
when evening falls so hard who will comfort you?
When darkness comes and pain is all around, who will take your part?
Who will be your bridge over troubled waters?At Calvary one of our goals is to provide a place of love and care for everyone who needs it and we all need it. Come and see how we do this at our Winter LIFEGroup Summit. Summit Dates and Times are February 27 at 6:30pm and March 16 at 6:00pm. If you haven’t already attended this Summit, please plan to attend at one of the above dates and times!


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Married to Marianne on February 10, 1996. He currently serves as husband, dad, soccer head coach, and biggest fan of his kids endeavors. In his spare time, he works at Calvary Church as the Pastor of Spiritual Formation. He loves to preach and teach, and sometimes wonders if he should devote more time to writing. When weather permits, he enjoys chasing the small white ball into the hole.

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LIFEGroup Weekly

Because this week's sermon is the "State of the Church", we will not have questions that go along with it. However, the LIFEGroup Weekly is full of important info for our drivers. Print off a copy at the link below, or pick up a copy at the church info center or the Cove!

LIFEGroup Weekly

50 Ways Your Group Can Be Missional

Make cookies or other baked goods with a caring note for a neighbor.Ask questions which will lead into a discussion about spiritual things.Get a detailed map of your neighborhood and put it up in your home and start praying together as a family for your neighbors.Use the above map (#3) to plan and strategize how you will contact and reach every home in your neighborhood.Throw a block party or BBQ and invite all your neighbors to come.Start conversations while waiting in line at the grocery store and share the love of Christ with the people around you.Talk to those around you while waiting to get your hair cut.Ask your Doctor or Dentist if you can buy a subscription for a good Christian magazine to put in the waiting room.When you have a Doctor or Dentist appointment, talk to people in the waiting room and ask how you could pray for them.Wear a happy smile and make people wonder what’s up!Sponsor a neighborhood movie night to get to know your neighbors better and build quality relation…

Questions Jesus Asked...

Download this week's LIFEGroup Weekly. (or you can pick one up at the church)

Here are this week's questions to go with the sermon, "Do You Care?"

• Is it possible to care too much about something or someone?
Give an example.

• What are some of the things in your life that you care
deeply about? What are some things that you just don't
care about?

• Talk about a time when you cared so much for something
that you became frustrated.

• Tell about a time you felt like saying, "That's it! I can't
take anymore!". What made you care so deeply in that

• How can our frustrations sometimes spur us on to positive

• As a group, make a list of the kinds of people that usually
no one cares about.

• Read Mark 9:35.

• Why do some people not care at all about serving others?
How does selfishness keep some people from obeying
these words of Jesus?

• Some people may read these words and be discouraged
that they don't care about serving enough, but not know
what to …

LIFEGroup Weekly for February 10

Sorry these are a bit late coming. I could blame it on the weather or my trip last week to Chicago, but I'll just leave at, "Sorry these are late."

This has been a good series, and I really like the questions this week, so... Use the guide, make it work for your group!

Discussion Questions for This Sunday!

If you could ask one person in this group for one thing, who would you ask and what would you ask for?Read Matthew 20:29-34.Every aspect of these men's life was overshadowed by the reality of their blindness. Is it any wonder the one thing they asked for was their sight? What overwhelming issues have you observed other people deal with in their lives? What do you think they would ask Jesus to do for them?If you could ask God for one thing, what would it be?Read Deuteronomy 5:21.How would you draw the line between "wanting" something and "coveting" it? If you are comfortable, talk about some things you are tempted to covet.Read 1 Peter 1:14.How should your desires be different once you've chosen to follow Christ? How might they remain the same?If you could ask Him, what do you think God would say are His desires for you?Read Psalm 37:4.What do you think it means to "delight in the LORD?" How might that activity bring you the desires of your h…