Formations Excerpt

A sample from today's reflection

Jesus’ work on the cross also enabled a new creative work in you. God spoke this plan for your life into effect before you were even born. In fact, He declared it would happen even before He created the world.

Through His death and resurrection, Jesus did the work to recreate you. When you align yourself with Jesus, He takes your old life away and credits you with His righteous life. Because of Christ’s creative work in giving you a new life, God already sees you as a righteous person. Because you’re a new creation, you already look like Jesus in God’s eyes. Now, you are working to reconcile the person you are being right now with the person God already knows you are.

While on earth, Jesus was given the Holy Spirit in a way no one had ever experienced before. Jesus was able to accomplish all the Father had decreed, because the Spirit was always with him, empowering to fulfill his role.

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Ray Deck III said…
Creativity is so very lacking in our churches. I love to see people writing about it. It's an interesting perspective: Christ's death opened the door for creativity... I will ponder this.

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