Formations Reflection

The following is a brief excerpt from today's Formations Reading. You can go to the Formations Site to download the entire book, or to read the daily reflections.

At your favorite restaurant, there may be a teenage boy who refers to himself as the “Hygenic Engineer for Organizational Hardware”. Practically, he’s a dishwasher. In the same way, someone who claims to be a Christ follower, but lives as if there is no God is practically… an atheist.

Giving in to Jesus is the message of the kingdom. It is the seed the farmer threw.

Jesus said that those who accepted the farmer’s seed would produce a multiplying crop. In other words, those who accept the message of the kingdom will be noticeably different from those who do not. Here is where we ask the hard question. What do we call those who claim to hear the message, but have no demonstrable return for their investment? Practically, they are no different from the atheist.

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