Extending Pastoral Ministry at Calvary

Mark Mullery wrote the following in Why Small Groups?:
It is God's design that every pastor identify and train trustworthy men who fear God, investing them with real authority and responsibility to extend the pastoral ministry of the church. As Moses learned (and New Testament examples show the same), this is done most effectively through small groups. Small groups serve a local church immeasurably by bringing each member into ongoing relationships with trained and gifted small-group leaders who can serve and equip them in many ways. In this manner, the pastors are better able to concentrate on the ministry of God's Word and equipping others for ministry.

Our hope at Calvary is that over time our LIFEgroups will become the conduit through which every person in our church is discipled and cared for. To accomplish that goal, we want to become progressively better at passing off the role of pastoral care to our LIFEgroup Drivers as they demonstrate their own capabilities.

More on this to come!