Fifteen Ways to Share Your Life This Week

1. Meet with someone to share a half an hour of prayer.

2. Read through a chapter or book of the Bible with someone.

3. Write a note of encouragement to everyone in your LIFEgroup.

4. Invite a family to your home for dinner and games.

5. Volunteer with a friend at a local ministry agency.

6. Give away an evening to help someone else with a home project.

7. Start or join a Facebook group centered around prayer for one another.

8. Have lunch today with a group no smaller than 10.

9. Make one encouraging phone call each night of the week.

10. Invite two or three others to join you for coffee and fellowship.

11. Visit a hospital just to bring encouragement to strangers.

12. Share with your LIFEgroup something you discovered in the Bible this week.

13. Bring a meal to your neighbors for no reason.

14. Find someone at church you don’t know and invite them for ice-cream tonight.

15. Adopt a highway mile with your LIFEgroup.