The Discipline of Sharing Life

This list is modified from The Checklist for Life. Here are some simple guidelines for allowing others to build into your life to form you into the image of Christ who is the perfect representation of the Father:
  • Listen for God's direction in the encouraging words of a friend.
  • Trust that God can use my friends to help me grow.
  • Understand that a good friend is a gift from God.
  • Listen to a friend's words as intently as I would want my friend to listen to me.
  • Know that a friend's words are usually spoken out of concern.
  • Learn to embrace a friend's words.
  • Attempt to encourage my friends as often as possible.
  • Simple Actions:
    • Pray for wisdom to know how to encourage others
    • Write a thank you note today to one friend who has encouraged you
    • Be prepared to offer a few words of encouragement to a friend
    • Invite a friend to consult you on an upcoming decision
    • Call a friend to say how much you appreciate his or her friendship
    • Read about David and Jonathan's friendship in 1 Samuel, chapters 19 and 20.
    • Offer your friendship to someone with whom you'd like to have a closer relationship.