Eight is More Than Enough

I'm interrupting the series on leading discussions to quickly point you to an interesting concept called "Three is Enough." (TiE)

The foundational elements of this concept are quite similar to our "formative, caring, and missional" roots. TiE's three main points of participation are:
  • Try out new ways of praying
  • Read and interact
  • Serve others in creative ways
The big difference is that a TiE group is a group of three and no more. Some groups could implement TiE principles into their own group meetings. Some groups might want to create mini-groups of three within their LIFEgroup. Some might just use the principle to launch their own TiE group.

You can read more about TiE at their website here.

See the biblical rationale for this method of discipleship here.

thanks to Kim Martinez for the heads up on TiE.


Thanks for linking to my blog.

You have created an incredible site of small group resources!!! Mind if I use some?

Thank you so much for such a great site!!!

-Kim Martinez