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Humility: It's Not All About You

Without naming names, when have you observed a
person who seems to be only interested in “moving up
the ladder”? What are some of the character traits of a
person like this?
• Read Genesis 11:1-9.
• Generally speaking, who were these people focusing
on, themselves or God? Why was this a problem?

John Calvin thought that verse 6 was God ironically saying, “This people have conspired against me, and since they can speak to one another in the same language, how can their plan be defeated?” In other words, God wasn’t concerned, he found it humorous that the people thought so highly of themselves.
• Read verse 4. What do you think it means that they
wanted to “make a name” for themselves?
• What things do we (you) often do try to make a name
for ourselves? Why is it important to us that people
think highly of us?
• Read Romans 12:3. What do you think it means to
think of yourself with “sober judgment”? Why are we
sometimes slow to “judge” ourselves? How can we
judge ourselves in a healthy way?
• How does our desire to “make a name” for ourselves
sometimes keep us from “making a name” for God?
• What can you do this week to life up God’s name instead
of your own?


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