LAUNCH groups @ Calvary

More discussion suggestions tomorrow, but for today here is something we're planning to do this fall. If you're involved with LIFEgroups at all at Calvary, I'd love to get your feedback/critique/ideas about this. Thanks.

Beginning September 14
making the next step a little easier

What is a LAUNCH group?
A LAUNCH group is a special six-week LIFEgroup designed to help people get a small taste of biblical community. LAUNCH groups meet six times to discuss a predetermined topic, often based around a video teaching. Each LAUNCH group will complete their six weeks with a "Service Party". Following their initial six weeks, each LAUNCH group has the opportunity to continue meeting together if they choose. A LAUNCH group may or may not become a long-term LIFEgroup.

Why LAUNCH groups?
LAUNCH groups are designed to enable people to more easily take the next step in the spiritual journey. Because we want to help people connect to God and others, our desire to assist people in partnering with other believers for spiritual growth. For those who are nervous or hesitant about partnering, LAUNCH groups provide a "try before you buy" opportunity to connect.

When and How does someone join a LAUNCH group?
September 14 will be our first "Connection Sunday." We will dedicate our morning gathering to teaching about community and offering people the opportunity to connect with God and others. We will introduce each of our new LAUNCH groups, and give people time to sign up for them before they leave the Family Life Center. Everyone who signs up will be able to connect with a LAUNCH group this fall.

Who will lead these LAUNCH groups?
Ideally, each LAUNCH group will be driven by a team of 2-4 people. Team leadership is much more effective and far less intensive than individual leadership. Team leadership is also much closer to the biblical model of church leadership. We refer to our leaders as "drivers" because we consider them as fellow journeyers on the road together with their group.

What is expected of a LAUNCH group driver team?
LAUNCH group drivers have four simple responsibilities:
  • Contact potential group members and invite them to the initial meeting
  • Prepare for each of the six weekly meetings
  • Contact group members who miss a meeting
  • Communicate to Pastor David the "Service Party" your group has chosen

How will LAUNCH group drivers contact and invite potential group members?
Every driver will receive a list naming each of the people who has signed up (on Connection Sunday) to participate in their LAUNCH group. They simply need to contact each person and let them know when and where their first meeting will be. Drivers are also welcome to invite any friends or contacts they may have to their first group meeting.

How much preparation is is required for weekly meetings?
Very little preparation is required for LAUNCH group meetings. Each driver team will be given a six week curriculum package which includes a video for each week, a discussion guide for each week, and special study materials. To prepare, one of the drivers simply needs to review the discussion questions ahead of time. Watching the video and reading the study materials are helpful and encouraged, but not absolutely essential.

What is a "Service Party?"
A "Service Party" is a missional activity each LAUNCH group will participate in so they have a taste of serving together. Some possible projects might be helping at a soup kitchen, volunteering at Hope's Outlet, handing out food from a Gleaner's truck, or doing projects at someone's home. Pastor David will work with drivers and their groups to help them select the best possible Service Party.

What will LAUNCH groups do at the end of six weeks?
At the end of the fourth week's meeting, the one of the drivers will remind the group that they have only two weeks left to meet together, and that they will spend time the following week talking about their future together. During the fifth week, the group will discuss whether or not they would like to commit to another series of meetings together. During their sixth meeting, the group will decide how many (if any) of the group would like to meet for another six week series. If enough group members are interested in continuing, the drivers and Pastor David will set up a second discussion series for the group to pursue.

How can I learn more about LAUNCH groups?
To learn more about LAUNCH groups, or if you are interested in being part of a LAUNCH group driver team, please contact Pastor David:
Church Phone- 231.865.1259
Email -