Back-to-School Service

by David A. Wheeler

Would you or your small group like to serve teachers and staff at a local elementary or high school? These ideas can get you started.
  • Volunteer to feed the teachers on an in-service day. This has been very effective in numerous schools across the country. In one situation, the school became so appreciative that they demanded to feed and serve the volunteers on-site as a reciprocal gesture.
  • Provide donuts and coffee for the bus drivers early in the morning. When one person chose to express appreciation in this way, it caused such goodwill among the drivers that the local paper highlighted her servant spirit and heart for people.
  • Volunteer to run errands or to make copies for class sessions. One busy elementary teacher suggested this.
  • Adopt a teacher and assist with his or her school-supply need. Because of rising costs and spending cuts, many teachers spend $500 to $1,000 each year out of their own pockets to cover unbudgeted school supplies.

-Sept/Oct 2008 Discipleship Journal
Service, Pg. 75