Growing Closer as a Group

Deepen your group's relationships by trying one or two of these activities this fall:

10. Go around the room and share your spiritual journey in 60 seconds or less.

9. Pick a needy family and come up with a plan for how to bless them this Christmas.

8. Go around the room and everyone share a hidden talent, and demonstrate if possible.

7. Get together for some Sunday afternoon NFL watching.

6. Meet for breakfast at Russ' on a Saturday morning.

5. Have a pizza and bowling night.

4. Meet for coffee before church and then sit together during service.

3. Find someone in your neighborhood who needs leaves raked and bless them as a group.

2. Have a GROUP THANKSGIVING dinner together.

1. Share BHAPR's (big hairy audacious prayer requests). Make them personal, and make them as specific as possible. Have someone in the group track the requests over the course of a few months and watch God work.

thanks to the Simple Small Group blog for this list.