Spiritual Formation Survey

Last night my LIFEgroup took the time to work through the spiritual formation survey. As is the case with most people who do this exercise, we weren't terribly surprised by the results, but it was good for us to be made aware of some of the growth areas in our lives. As a result, we made some group decisions about the coming weeks which will help us to better live out our faith.

Your group can do the survey as well! It's free and we'll provide copies for you if you need them. You can check out the survey by clicking the links to the right or by clicking here for the questions and here for the answer book.

Remember, this survey doesn't tell you how spiritual you are, it simply helps you identify strength areas in your life and growth areas in your life. Don't compare yourselves to those in your group, just compare your high scores to your low scores. If you'd like copies for yourself, email me here.


Bill Reichart said…
Thanks for the resources...and btw, I like the new look.