10 Rules for Sharing Your Life With Others

1. If I have a problem with another person, I will go to him privately.

2. If someone has a problem with me, I want him to come to me privately and will try to be open when he comes.

3. If someone has a problem with me, and comes to you, send the person to me. (I’ll do the same for you.)

4. If someone hesitates to come to me, say, “Let’s go together. I’m sure he’ll see us about this.” (I’ll do the same for you.)

5. Be careful about how you interpret me—I’d rather do that.

6. I will be careful about how I interpret you.

7. If it’s confidential, I won’t tell. (Unless someone is harming himself or someone else.)

8. I won’t send or pay attention to unsigned letters or notes. Information should always travel with a person’s name so it can be cleared up if necessary.

9. I will not manipulate; I will not be manipulated.

10. When in doubt, I will bring up my concern or question.