One-to-One Discipleship and Small Group Discipleship

Randall Neighbor has some interesting thoughts about the relationship between one-to-one discipleship (mentoring) and small group discipleship. He says:

1. One-to-one discipleship is far superior to classroom methods or even small group discipleship. It sharpens the disciple maker as much as it does the person being discipled, and creates a leader of one.

2. Small groups have their unique benefits, but are not enough to disciple the members of the groups. They need the one-on-one relationships in addition to the small group friendships and ministry environment.

3. The combination of the two is seriously powerful. Doing either with great competence will yield some fruit for sure, but put them together and BAM!, it's kicked up a notch to a level that is truly dangerous to the enemy's strategy in the life of a believer.

What do you think? How can LIFEgroups create a benefit like that of one-to-one discipleship? Over the coming weeks, I may spend some time exploring this question, and giving some ideas.