Discussion Questions about Being Christ-Centered

As a group, read John 15:1-11.
What do you think is the “fruit” that is spoken of throughout this passage?

Read Galatians 5:22-23. Which of these “fruits” are your strengths? Which are your weaknesses?

What are some stories you remember about Jesus when he exhibited some or all of these fruits?

According to John 15, the secret of bearing fruit is “abiding” or “remaining” in Jesus. Give some specific examples of how someone might “abide” in Jesus.

Branches draw their life’s energy from the vine they are attached to. What can we do to draw our life’s energy from Jesus?

What kind of things keep us from abiding/remaining in Jesus? How can we appropriately deal with these roadblocks?

How can you know if you are bearing more or less fruit than you were in the past?

What fruit do you want to produce more of this week? How will you rely on Jesus to make this happen?

Can this group follow up on that goal next week?