Survival Ideas for Small Groups

I'm not sure where I picked up this list, so unfortunately I can't give credit where it's due.  While you may not agree with everything in the list (I don't), it's definitely full of useful ideas for small groups.
  • Include everyone whenever possible
  • At the beginning, get everyone in the group to talk
  • Four in a group is best; six is okay; eight should be the maximum
  • Be aware of new people and include them in the conversation
  • Remember that small groups often raise the tension level (because people can't hide)
  • Move from light to heavy discussion
  • Ask "I feel" rather than "I know" questions
  • The longer the group is together, the better they will feel about the group
  • In a small group it's easier to share, pray, encourage and be personal
  • Prepare your discussion questions and vary how you ask them
  • Avoid any putdowns
  • Discussion questions should be answerable
  • Allow people the right to pass and not share
  • Create a casual and relaxed atmosphere
  • Don't always expound on the answer yourself
  • Call people by name
  • Eye contact and body language are important for the leader
  • When you ask someone to read, make sure he/she is able to read out loud or else don't ask
  • Get your group in a comfortable atmosphere where everyone can see each other's eyes
  • Request confidentiality in the group