Truth-Oriented LIFEgroup Questions

Truth relates to our lives in several different ways:
  • Some truth is for everyone. (gravity, etc...)
  • Some truth is for you. (your dna, your gifts, etc...)
  • Some truth is ABOUT you.
These questions are designed to address what the Bible says is true about you.

Read James 1:22-25. How might the Bible serve as a spiritual mirror?

Why do you think many people hear a sermon on Sunday and feel like they should change something as a result, but never change? What things keep you from changing when you know you should?

What Bible passages have impacted you in the past, and caused you to desire change?

Tell the group about a change you have made in the past. How were you able to accomplish it?

Read Psalm 119:105. How might the Bible light up the next spiritual step you need to take.

What have your recent looks into the mirror of God's Word revealed to you? Are there any next steps you can take to be a "doer"?

How can this group be of assistance to you?